The 2014 AMP Awards Winners
Tickets Available For The 2015 AMP Awards
Read About “What Does Your Budget Sound Like?” In SHOOT
Sponsor The 2015 AMP Awards For Music + Sound
The 2015 AMP Awards For Music & Sound
Join us for the industry's loudest celebration!
Island Records’ American Authors ROCKED City Winery
Atlantic Records’ artist Sky Ferriera’s haunting siren call to the dance floor
The Celebration Rolls on At The AMP Awards
Hall of Fame Winners rolled home with the heavy crystal
Grey EVP Josh Rabinowitz with duotone team who won AMP Awards Best In Show honors
Happy Winners at the AMP Awards
Accepting the Hall of Fame trophy for Nike: Mark Thomashow, Global Director Brand Communications
Grey Worldwide CCO Tor Myhren urges strong creative thinking…presents Best In Show trophy
AMP Awards Chair Rani Vaz
DJ Bill Coleman rocks the before & after parties at the AMP Awards
Nike and Budweiser Hall of Fame Recipients Celebrate At The AMP Awards

It’s amazing what you can see with your ears… The Association of Music Producers (AMP) was founded in 1998 for the purpose of educating its members, as well as the production, advertising and media communities, on all facets of music production, from creation to final use. Music puts feelings in motion.

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